Small Business Ideas! How to Start Small Business

Introducing new thins how to start small business ideas. Business is too tuff if you don’t have the right information. I will give the right information here

small business ideas


There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

To build your own business is the best idea because If you want to prove yourself you have to do something. In my view, the small business ideas are the best way to start your business.

If you want to make your future and get everything from the luxury life you have to start your business. And the small business ideas are best because of low risk and a good opportunity is there. Business is the best way to prove yourself in the state of jobs. There is a limited income of jobs and there is a huge opportunity in business.

Today I am introducing the best small business idea. In this idea, there is a low risk, high profit, and low investment and the best thing is that the Indian government will help us if we start this business.


The business is to make “notebooks“. As we know that daily needs are the best industry. And notebooks is also a daily need product. The notebook is necessary for our daily life, education, and industry also. So there is a huge market for the notebook and the best opportunity to build your small business. So let’s start how to start this business.

Now we have decided on the niche to start a business. First, we need the space to start the business. This business can be started from your home and need only 12X15 feet hole only.

Now the second thing is the raw materials. To make a notebook we need different coded and none-coded papers mean bista paper and gutta paper is needed.

These raw materials can be purchased from your nearby market easily and if you want to purchase these raw materials in huge you can visit the website Alibaba.

Note before purchase read and understand the market price and do bargain. (Don’t worry you can purchase in bulk because the government will help you and in the last, I will tell you how to get this help)


You have to purchase some machines to run this business.

1:- Notebook stitching machine

2:- Edge squaring machine

3:- Notebook cutting machine

All these machines get 4 kilovolts electricity only. This means you can run this machines with very low expenses. You have to invest less than 5 lacs to purchase these machine. Make your mind to start your business because this is low cost and easy small business ideas.

Now you will think how can you invest less than 5 lacs in this business. (Don’t worry you can purchase these machine because the government will help you and in the last, I will tell you how to get this help)

You can purchase these machine from your nearby market and “online also“. Note before purchase read and understand the market price and do bargain.


To make a notebook is very easy you have to understand the work properly and the machine work process. First, the sheet that will be cover the notebook, have to cut as it covers the notebook both sites.

Then count the paper as you want to make the notebook, now fold it with middle as it makes a notebook like than cover it with the sheet. Now the second work is to pin the notebook with pinning machine. and the last work to do is that to cut the notebook with the three open sites to make a good shape. Now your product is ready for sale. Within 20 minutes you will make more than 8 notebooks.


Now your product is ready to sell but without packing your product is not ready to sell. You have to pack it with 6 pieces in a bundle with transparent poly. And you can pack it according to your order. you can sell it in retail and wholesale also.

Now the main problems have to face to sell the product. With my suggestion, you have to sell your product in the local retail market at a low price so that your business can run and then you have to start wholesale. You can make your website later and extend your business.


With this business, the government gives you 90% loan with up to 35% subsidy.

Friends the Indian government-run an employment skeem name PMEGP ( PRADHAN MANTRY EMPLOYMENT  GENERATION PROGRAM) with this program government gives 25 lacs to start your business with up to 35% subsidy. You can get the profit of this government program.

To get this amount you have to register your company with GST, a pan card and your identity. Then you have to hire a lawyer and go to the bank with your project. thank

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Passive Income Apps! Earn Passive Income With Your Mobile

Ways to Make Money Fast, Quick Way to Earn Fast

Earn Money Without Doing Work! Make Quick Money $1000

Earn Money at Home India! Earn by shorter links.

Earn Money at Home India! Earn by shorter links.

How to Earn money at home India is a conman question. Earning online in India is so easy but you have to know the best trick and plan, this is the best platform to get the best trick and plan to earn money online.

My words at the topic

Earn money at home India. Hello, friends, welcome at Today’s topic is very important because I am going to share my best trick of WhatsApp earning plan. This is the best trick I have shared ever and this trick is so easy. You can earn money at home in India.

Let’s start

This is a WhatsApp trick to earn online I have ever use the trick to earn money online. This is the trick people to make money online. I am sharing my trick to you and I make sure to you no one can share such trick to you like that I am sharing. With this trick, you can earn more than $1000 so read the post till the end.


you have heard about shorten link websites. There are several link shorter websites on the internet but they have some problems while paying. and I Know you can say that I have registered and work on such sites but they not pay.

Don’t worry I have a solution so I am saying read my post till the end and I make you sure you will earn money online. This is the best site to earn money and I will share my trick to earn money online. Go down read the post and do as I am saying. If you want to Earn money at home India

This is my second best site if I get the good result from my post I will update the post to my first earning site. So go to the comment section and give me a comment ( first earning site)

Click the link to get started.

Click the above link to register the earning site. As you click the lick you will reach the site.

earn money at home india

Passive Income Apps! Earn Passive Income with Your Mobile!     

Ways to Make Money Fast, Quick Way to Earn Fast!

As you click the above link You will reach the zagl site. Here you will see a sign-up button. Click the button and complete the form to register. After registration login and you will reach your dashboard. Go to your profile section and complete the profile. Name, Address, City, Pin, and your PayPal account then click save.

Now your account is OK. and now you are eligible to earn,

How to earn from the site

If you know about the link shorter sites you have to shorten your link and share to your audience in social media and earn money. The same work to do here. Come to the site and short the link you want and share it with your friends.

As your friends come to open the link they have to watch ads before the sites you have shared. And the company will earn money from the ads because the audience comes to watch the add by you the company share revenue with you and you will earn money by sharing the shorten links with your friends.

How to share the links

There are several methods to share shorten links with your friends and audience.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Tumbler
  4. Linkedin
  5. WhatsApp
  6. YouTube
  7. Bloge in bloger

These media work to earn money by sharing shorten links.

Earning Plan

Payout Rates

Their payout rates are constantly changing depending on the leads that you generate to their advertisers. Here is a list of country’s that are up to $100 / 10000 visitors :

Top $160 / 10000 for the United Arab Emirates

Tier 1 ($100 / 10000):

While it pays ($100/ 10000) in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America

Tier 2 ($80 / 10000):

Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Kuwait, Indonesia, Hong Kong

The Best Trick to Earn Money at Home India

The best trick that I have promised to share with you is that make your friends group in WhatsApp and check what your friends want to watch. Most friends want to watch funny youtube videos. Search such types of videos and copy the link then go to the site and short it then share it with your friends.

If you want to earn more join more groups and send them the link and earn more money. For that go to play store in your mobile and install an app name whats app group. Here you can find a lot of WhatsApp groups join the groups and make money as much as you work. I can make sure you that you can make more than $100 a day.

My second trick to earn money

My second trick to earn online at home India is to install an unice WhatsApp on your mobile. This Whatsapp will not found in play store. You have to install with my link.

After installation, you have to register like normal WhatsApp. this is GB WhatsApp a new warden of WhatsApp.

Now my the best trick start to earn money in this application. Before click install button you have to go to setting in your mobile and allow unknown sources then click install. After registration, you have to search for the groups to join. For joining to this kind of groups you have to go to google and search WhatsApp groups as you click the group they will join to WhatsApp. After joining more than 10 groups you have to open GB WhatsApp.

You will find three dots on the screen upper site. Click on it and then click GB setting. Scroll down and find auto-reply messages. Click this button and click a (+) button. This will ask you to write auto-reply message so write shorten link and press ok.

Now when anybody sends you a message this app will automatically send a message to the person and your link will Wirral and you will earn money. This was my best trick to earn online with this website. thanks.

This is my second link shorten website if you like my post like it and comment so I will share my first website with you.

Ways to Make Money Fast, Quick Way to Earn Fast!

Earn with Online Micro Jobs, Testing Jobs, Best micro jobs sites

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Passive Income Apps! Earn Passive Income With Your Mobile!


Passive Income Apps! Earn Passive Income with Your Mobile!

Today I am presenting earn passive income with your mobile!! Yes, it is possible nothing to do and you will earn passive income online. Is it shocking there is no work and you will earn?

Yes, it is possible you can earn without doing any work. In this blog, I share my knowledge, plan, tips, and tricks so please like and subscribe to my website. So that you can update about earning plan I posted on the blog.


Hello, friends hope you will be the best today I am presenting an exciting application (passive-income-apps-earn-passive-income-with-your-mobile) that is really good and earning money app to us. And an interesting thing is that there is no work to do.

Yes, it is possible we can earn online passive income without doing any work. If you want to earn passive income read my post and like and share it let’s start.

Passive income

Passive income is earnings derived from a rental property, limited partnership or another enterprise in which a person is not actively involved. Means you should not involve and you will be paid. Think, If you have a shop and you have not the time to open it you can get paid for rent.

It is called passive income. Now you will think I don’t have any shop to tent how can I earn. Don’t worry you do not have any shop but you have your mobile, you think you can not earn passive income with your mobile. Read my post till the end and get paid.

Cash Magnet

Click the above link and you will reach the passive earning site. Friest thing to do is registration just enter your E-mail address and password and click Singh up. Than click singing to reach the dashboard.

Go to your profile and fill it correct information if there is any problem to fill your country there is no problem you can enter your country later. And one important thing is that there is no country restriction on this site you can do work from where you are.

Now after registration, you have to install the application of the site on your mobile. To install the application look the left-hand site on your desktop and click download to install the application and if you are using smartphone click profile section on top.

A drop-down menu will appear to select the download button and you will redirect to google play store and click install button to install the earning application.

Now the application will ask to sign up fill the information and enter sigh in, You will reach your application dashboard it will take time to load first time in your mobile because it will take the configuration and browser in your mobile. once it completes an “attention” paragraph will appear that is the term and condition click agee than ok.

passive income apps! earn passive income with your mobile!

Passive Income Apps! Earn Passive Income With Your Mobile!

Earning Prosses

You can see an image is showing. Here you can earn points and you will get 10 bonus points if you click my link. Now you will see start now button if you click this button your earning will start automatically and the application will start surfing the website and it will open your browser to surfing the advertising site. it will continuously run till 2 hours and 32 minutes in every 12 hours.

You can run this application in the night while slipping after completing the time the app automatic stope and your earning will add to your balance. when you start the application you can not work with your phone but you can receive your phone call nothing else so you should use this application when you go to sleep.

Levels income

you can earn here by label income. When you reach level 2 you will earn 50 points and level 3 300 points and so on look levels. that is passive income apps! earn passive income with your mobile!

Other income plans

If you want to earn more you can earn yes, it is possible with this application just invite your friends and reach levels. Besides levels, you can earn more by playing games just click the games button and play games and earn money.

Redeem money

This application gives you amazon gift card to purchase anything you want with your income and you can redeem your income to your PayPal also. For more detail click the redeem button.

Now start and enjoy your passive income apps! earn passive income with your mobile! and don’t forget to comment me how this post you like.


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Ways to Make Money Fast, Quick Way to Earn Fast!

Earn with Online Micro Jobs, Testing Jobs, Best micro jobs sites

Self Employed Jobs! Non-Investment Guaranteed Earning Plan

Earn Money Without Doing Work! Make Quick Money $1000

Ways to Make Money Fast, Quick Way to Earn Fast!

Ways Make Money Fast is very simple and easy with the right earning trick. In this post, you will learn Quick Way to Earn Fast. how to make money online

ways make money fast

ways make money fast

Ways Make Money Fast, Quick Way to Earn Fast!

Hello, friends today I have an idea to earn online. I have a new earning site that is a freelancing site. Here you can do simple and easy work. You can do it easily and earn fast money. This is easy ways to make money fast.

There are no country restrictions that means you can do work where you are in and you can withdraw your earning money. And an important thing is that there is no need for the computer you can do the work with your smartphone. Complete the task and earn money. So let’s start the review of the site.

Click the above link and reach the earning site and fill out the registration. As you fill out the form you will receive a Canadian $ bonus. As you click the register button a confirmation link will send to your email address go and click the link to confirm the address. You will see a box on the right-hand side.

Click the profile button and complete your profile first. Your profile is 40% complete. You have to complete a 100% profile. After completing your profile click to my account and see your profile is 100%. Then click “Vivatic“. You will reach your dashboard. Here you can see your work to complete.  Do the giving work and start earning.

The site will give work to you according to your profile. The work will be giving daily.

 What types of work will be given

As I have mentioned above that the site will give you work daily and the work will show you on your dashboard. The site will be sent an email to your address also. Now see what types of work you will be given.

Take a survey:

In this type of work, you have to do an easy survey that will match your profile and location. Complete it and get paid approx 1usd.

  • Write articles

  • If you have a writing skill you can earn fast to write an article. You can earn more than 10 USD per article. So go to the site and register then earn by writing articles and earn money online passive income.
  • Answer questions

  • The easy task to complete just give the answer to simple questions. The site will ask very simple questions and you have to give answers. This task will also give us money.
  • Write blog posts

  • Earn to write blog posts. As you familiar about guest blog post writing. This is like that here you have to write a guest post and earn money.
  • Write reviews

  • Earn to write reviews of the given products.
  • Data entry

  • You can get paid by data entry jobs.
  • And there are many mini tasks to earn money there just visit daily and complete your task and earn money online.


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Earn with Online Micro Jobs, Testing Jobs, Best micro jobs sites

Earn with Online Micro Jobs, Testing Jobs, Best micro jobs sites

Earn money online micro jobs is very easy and simple. You can do micro jobs from home or testing jobs and earn easy money. In this post, I will give the best micro jobs site. This post is to earn online micro jobs, testing jobs, best micro jobs site

Earn with Online Micro Jobs, Micro Jobs from home, Best micro jobs sites

Earn with Online Micro Jobs, Micro Jobs from home, Best micro jobs sites

Earn online is very easy with my tips and tricks. In this site, I give my best experience to my audience to make online money. Today I give the best website to earn money online. There are two websites to earn with micro jobs.

There is on education and technical knowledge is required to do this work. If you know the basic knowledge about the internet and you run a facebook account you can do this work. And there is no computer required a computer you can do this work with your smartphone.

Click here to register for the first site.

here to register for the second site

Click the link and you will go to the website. In the upper right-hand corner, you will see a button “get paid to test” click it and complete the registration process.
A confirmation link will be sent to your email address. Go to your email and confirm it.

After confirmation, you have to complete your profile and then sign out. the site. The work will send to your registered e-mail id.

What to do

There are several works you can do and earn money online. As you know new sites and new Android application launched every day. The owner of the sites and applications wants to know the performance of it so they hire such kind of platform to get information about their sits and applications.

Because of all sites and applications is for human and the information about it will give by the human. So they hire and wants to know about the performance of there sites and applications. And such kinds of platform five us an aporchunity to review the sites and applications. We have to review it and give our opinions about it and earn money.


As I have mentioned above that you will receive an email to do the work. And you will receive 2.5 euros per task. That means you can earn Rs. 200 per task. But you have to do fast as you receive an email because there is first come first work policy.

Partners of the site

The sites are loyal and give money properly and the partners of the sites are:

First sites partners.

  4. LO’REAL
  10. MANGOO

Second sites partners

  5. BOX

Please click the link to start earning


Usability Hub

This post is to earn online micro jobs, testing jobs, best micro jobs site

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Self Employed Jobs! Non-Investment Guaranteed Earning Plan

Earn Money Without Doing Work! Make Quick Money $1000

How to Earn Online with Futurenet, Earning plan online Rs 25000


Self Employed Jobs! Non Investment Guaranteed Earning Plan

This is the best post for the person who searches Self Employed Jobs, noninvestment jobs. Now your serch is over and you are in the right place to find self-employment ideas.

Self Employed Jobs! Non-Investment Guaranteed Earning Plan

self employed jobs

This is a non-invensrment earning plan and there is no need to spend any money besides time. You can earn money with your mobile means this earning plan is for mobile users. You can use your computer also but this plan runs smoothly and easily with your mobile. So let’s start the plan


As you know about social media like Facebook ETC. Most people invest there time in such kind of media but they can not get any money from there. But I have a plan that gives you money by posting, sharing and like the post. Self Employed Jobs are here.

So you can understand that this plan can give you money by using the site like Facebook. You have to engage there like Facebook and you will earn money. Not only you earn, but your friends who are invited by you will also earn money and the company will give you a commission of there income lifetime.

That means if you invited 1000 friends you will earn referral income once and monthly commissions for everlasting if your friends use the service.



You can earn money through this plan if you post any image on this site and get 1 likes you will earn 0.01 paisa that means if you get 100 likes you will earn Rs. 1 to make more money invite more friends and earn more.

This is the first income (Self Employed jobs) you can earn more money by making the team. There are 9 levels of income plan. To make more income invite friends to the site and get more money if you invite 100 friends you will reach level 1 and your friends invite 500 friends you will reach level 2 and so on. From every level, you will get income.



Click the “join now” button and you will reach a new window. This is an Indian social media site that gives you an opportunity to earn. Scroll down and find a blue-collar button “create an account now” click on it.

You will reach a new window that is a registration form fill it carefully. This will verify your email id and mobile number. After that clear your password and enter you will reach your dashboard. Now the first thing to do create your profile image.

Now you will see three lines on the right-hand upper site. Click on it, a drop-down window will appear to click on dashboard. Now it will ask you to create a password to create a password. This password is for to withdraw your amount.

When you withdraw your money you have to enter this password. Press enter and now it will ask your password, so enter the password you make to log in.

Now your dashboard is ready. Scroll down it and click privacy and click “update bank detail” fill the form and save. This site gives your income to your account. Your profile is complete.

How to do work (Self Employed jobs)

Go to your dashboard click on three lines right-hand upper site and then click my profile. You will find your facebook like profile. scroll down and you will see you can write a post, upload photo, and videos. If you get the comments, likes and share you will be paid. To earn more you have to make more friends. For more income, you have to make team.

How to make the team

To make team you have to invite friends. So click three lines and click “invite”. You will find a referral link copy this link and share it with your friends and earn up to 9 level income. thanks

For more earning plan read my post.

Earn Money Without Doing Work! Make Quick Money $1000

How to Earn Online with Futurenet, Earning plan online Rs 25000

Online Jobs Without Investment, How to get online jobs.

Earn Money Without Doing Work! Make Quick Money $1000

Earn money without doing work is a very easy task. But make quick money without proper knowledge is not easy. If you want to earn extra cash or earn extra money from home and want to know how to get money fast so read this post carefully. I will lead you to step by step to earn online.

Earn Money Without Doing Work! Make Quick Money $1000

This is the best post, I have written so far. Because my previous post leads you to how to do proper work to earn online. But in this post, there is no work to do but I am sure you will earn money. So please friends read the post carefully and share this post as much as you can so that you could help others. let’s start

NOTE: Read the post if you have a computer or laptop because this trick will run only computers and laptops. This trick is not for mobile.

Earn money

If you want to start to earn money without doing work you will have the computer. I have given a link so please click on it.

As you click on the link you will redirect to the website. There is no need to register there.

Earn Money Without Doing Work

Earn Money Without Doing Work


Just download the software to your computer and install it on your computer. Now run the software and you will see it is asking email id enter it and then choose your password. As you choose your password and enter if you will redirect to your dashboard. Now, wait and listen to the video carefully it gives you instructions. Now your dashboard is ready and your income is starting to generate. There is no work to do just run the software to the computer and start to earn.

Manage your speed to earn:

There are five options to manage the speed of your income depends on your computer configuration. That means if you have a good computer with a good processor and a ram you can set it on fast otherwise you can set it on slow. The fice methods are like.

  1. Crawl ( less than slower)
  2. Slower (less than normal)
  3. Normal
  4. Faster ( more than normal)
  5. Supersonic (more than faster)

What the software does.

The company uses your computer’s power with the software and sell it to other companies and generate revenue. And then the company share the revenue with you because you share the power. It is safe because it takes only your computer’s power not your data.

Payment process:

You can work with the company from all over the world because the company gives you all the payment process. You can withdraw your payment with:

  1. Paypal
  2. Payoneer
  3. Western Union
  4. Payza
  5. Bitcoin

So this is the best way to earn without doing work. Make hast to join and make quick money.

Read more about earn online.

How to Earn Online with Futurenet, Earning plan online Rs 25000

Online Business Ideas, Make Money Online Without Investment

Online Jobs Without Investment, How to get online jobs


How to Earn Online with Futurenet, Earning plan online Rs 25000

The Furenet plan is very simple and it st easy to earn with futurenet. How to earn online with futurenet, this is a post about earning plan online Rs 25000 per month.

how to earn online with futurenet

How to Earn Online with Futurenet, Earning plan online Rs 25000

Earning online is so easy and anybody can earn online today I am giving tips on “how to earn online with futurenet, earning plan online Rs. 25000” And it is so easy to like a baby task. First, know about the Future net. Let’s start.

Futurenet club

Today we are talking about futurenet. Futurenet is not a website only it is a company that is established more than 12 years. And the futurenet launch on the internet in April 2016. It gives an opportunity to make a future with the company. The CEO and founder name of the company are “Stephan Morgenstern and Roman Ziemian” belong from Russia. This is a real online income company you can make your future with the company.

Futurenet is a social bass company like facebook youtube, Instagram. It gives social media service and an opportunity to earn. If you use Facebook, youtube, or other media you can not earn any money you kill your time but if you join Futurenet use it as social media you can earn online. And if you are interested to play a game online you also earn by playing the game online.

Futurenet is a huge company its member reach one million and the company is running more than 150 countries.

Futurenet is building a strong brand.

Futurenet consistently building their brands and growing day by day. Its growing brands are:

  1. Futurenet shop
  2. Futurenet shopping portal with more than 400 million products.
  3. Futurenet cafe
  4. futurenet leasing
  5. Futurenet travel
  6. futurenet perfume
  7. Futurenet sports sponsoring
  8. Futurenet charity projects
  9. Futurenet advertising portal
  10. Bitcoin blockchain (futuro coin)

NOTE: It is not fake if you want to use any service you can use it.

Futurenet partners companies

  1. apple
  2. eBay
  3. walmart
  4. virgin
  5. amazon
  6. tesco
  7. sky
  8. alibaba (coming soon)

How to Earn Online with Futurenet

Future net is the worldwide revenue share company and it generates revenue of more than 1 million dollars per day. It gives revenue share its user per day. So it is a huge opportunity to build your future hare

The registration process with futurenet

Want to join and start to earn online money just click the link. You will reach to the registration form. Fill out your name, username, email id, password, DOB, and then click captcha and click next step. You have to verify your email so go the email and click the link you receive the mail.

Now your account is ready to earn and you get 10 dollars media points gift if you register with my link. Now login to the future net and you will look a window like a facebook. Star sharing, posting like the post and make friends. As much time you involve to the site as much you can earn media points. You can use these media point by shopping, or use any service.

Futurenet gives two types income first involvement revenue share that I have told to you and second investment revenue income.

Let’s talk about investment

If you want to earn more you have to invent with the company. Just go to your dashboard and click “back office”. It is an opportunity to build your business and generate income.


Here you can see three options

  1. Futurenet back office
  2. future Ad Pro back office
  3. Futuro Network

Future net gives three opportunities to build your business.

Future net back office

In the future net back office, you start your binary plan. you have to choose your plan to start and mack purchase the plan. hare you can earn more then 80,000 dollars if you purchase 10 dollar plan. Here you can start your referral plan and company will decide the place of your referrals to joining a place. Because there are only three joining can be placed under you. It means the fourth joining will go to the first member under you. So it is a big opportunity for you to purchase this 10 dollar plan because if anybody wants to join after reading this post will join after you so make hurry and join with my link of

Future AdPro

This is the best platform to earn with futurenet. It is a revenue share business of the futurenet club. Here you have to purchase adpack and watch daily ads and earn your revenue every 15 minutes.

You have to buy futurenet adpack of 50 dollars or 10 dollar adpacks. If you purchase 10 adpacks of 50 dollars you will invest 500 dollars. And the company will give you more than 1% of your investment depending on revenue.

That means you can earn more than 5 dollars daily. The best method is to earn more is that if you earn 5 dollars daily that means you can earn 50 dollars in 10 days. So repurchase another adpack with this 50 dollars and increase your adpacks and increase your earning. With my suggestion buy more adpack with 50% of your income and less 50% withdraw to your account. this is the best way I use.

So nice friends tell me how this blog.

more about earning plan click the link

Online Business Ideas, Make Money Online Without Investment

Online Jobs Without Investment, How to get online jobs.

Online Business Ideas , Make Money Online Without Investment

Make Money Online Without Investment, Online Business Ideas

Make Money Online Without Investment


Hi, friends want to earn money online. I give the right and best trick to earn money, online business ideas, make money online without investment like that. Today I have another the best trick to share with you to earn online without investment.

The best and the everlasting business idea is to make an online store. Because e-commerce industry is growing fast, people like to purchase products online and don’t want to go to the market. Here is the broad market and if you have passion and dedication you can earn online money by selling the products online.

In this field, I have the new suggestion to make an online store that is wooplr. You can work on this on your mobile. Just open play store on your mobile and download “woopler“.

After download the application wooplr you have to register. You can register with Gmail or Facebook as you like. After registration, you have to give a mobile number. Now you are a member of wooplr. The first thing to go after registration is to select a name of the store you want to make. So select the best name you like.

Congrats! your store is ready!

Make Money Online Without Investment

Click view my store to add products in your store, a new dashboard will appear. Woopler gives you Rs 50 to register and Rs 10 additional gift to you to share your first product to your friends.

You will find there your store is empty and there is no product in your store. In the bottom left corner, you will see add product link click it to add products. A new dashboard will appear in a large number of products will appear and two links “add to my store” and “share” will appear there. Now you have to choose your product and add to your store as much as you can.

Wooplr has more than 50000 products in his store. So choose more products in your store.

Your store

You have selected more products now let’s see your store go to the bottom right corner and click “my store”. Your store dashboard will appear there. In the first, upper site you will see your profile photo then store name and then view store with your store name. Click it to view your store. Your store is ready for sale congratulation.

Now your store is ready to earn but it will not earn automatically, you have to do some work to get the audience to your store. And social media is the best way to advertise so share your store with social media. You can share hole store with your friends but in my view, the best thing is to share one by one product to share.

Earning plan

Your first earning is Rs 10 on the first share

Then you will reach the beginner label and your income is 15% of your sale. As you earn Rs 1000 from wooplr you will reach label 2 “popular label” and you will get 18% commission, as you earn there Rs5000 your label increase to “expert” and you get 20% commission there. If you get Rs 10000 in the expert label you will increase your label 4 to “hotstar” and get 23% commission. As you get Rs 20000 there your label increases at 5 labels “elite” and there you will get 25% commission. And you can earn more than 50000 Rs per month.

Add payment method

To add payment method click earning in the bottom then add a payment method. You will reach the payment method form. There is two way to withdraw your earning first is to transfer your income to your bank account and second is to transfer your money to your paytm. Select as you like and give the full information there.

Now your earning is the start. If you like my post then hare and have any problem please give me a comment thanks.

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Online Jobs Without Investment, How to get online jobs.

Online Jobs Without Investment, How to Get Online Jobs.

Want online jobs without investment, this blog is correct for you to get online jobs to work from home without registration fee, we give earning tips and tricks in this blog. Today I am presenting a new post about “online jobs” so read it carefully if you want to earn online.

online jobs without investment


Most people search on google “Online Jobs Without Investment, How to get online jobs” but they west their time because most websites are fake. If you want to make money online without any investment you have to follow some best people who know the right knowledge about the internet and related websites like me. I give the right information about internet income.

Every person works to fulfill their livelihood, after the working hours they have time one or two hours daily. They spend their time on social media or searching online jobs but they could not find their right jobs and after some time they stop the work and think there is no money can earn from the internet. But it is not so we can earn money and get work from home without investment. Here you can get the best tricks to earn money online.

What is online job:

Online jobs without investment are part-time or full-time jobs that can be completed from home. There are a lot of the best websites on the internet which provide an aporchunity to work from home. If interested people have a time they go to the website and search the work they want to do and ask the work when they get the work, they complete the work as given the instructions and get paid. But the right place or website are few so tack care and get started.

The best website in my view to work online:

There are several websites on the internet that provide online jobs without investment but in my view the best website is

When you click the link appen you will reach the best-earning website. On the upper-right corner, you will see “find flexible jobs” click it

You will reach a new window there appears your search option to find jobs.

There you could find a job category like:

  1. annotation
  2. crowdsourcing
  3. data collection
  4. information technology
  5. internal
  6. linguist
  7. localizer
  8. marketing
  9. native speaker
  10. payroll
  11. project assistant
  12. project manager
  13. recruitment
  14. social media evaluator
  15. transcription
  16. translator

About Appen

Appen is a global leader in the development of high-quality, human-annotated datasets for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Appen brings over 20 years of experience capturing and enriching a wide variety of data types including speech, text, image, and video. With deep expertise in more than 180 languages and access to a global crowd of over 400,000 skilled contractors, Appen partners with technology, automotive and eCommerce companies – as well as governments worldwide – to help them develop, enhance and use products that rely on natural languages and machine learning. Appen is the best website for online jobs without investment

Life at Appen

At Appen, it is committed to delivering the high-quality, human- annotated data needed to power machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is a growing company that works with some of the world’s leading global technology companies, including innovators in search, speech, social media, eCommerce and more. With over 350 employees worldwide, our company culture promotes a collaborative environment, celebrates innovative solutions to challenging problems, and fosters a strong sense of global community.

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Awards & Recognition

  1. Recognized as a Deloitte 2017 Asia Pacific Technology Fast 500™ winner.
  2. A four-time winner in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Australia Awards: 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2017.
  3. Received Technology Growth Company of the Year Award in the 2017 Australian Growth Company Awards.
  4. Recognized by FlexJobs as a Top 100 Company to Watch for Remote Jobs 2014-2018, including the #1 ranking in 2017.
  5. Finalist in the 2014 BRW Momentum Awards for Best Mid-Market Business $50-100MM Category. Finalist in the 2014 Australian Growth Technology Company Awards.
  6. Inaugural winner in 2008 of the Prime Minister’s Exporter of the Year Award and Australian Export Category Winner, Information and Communication Technology Award

Offices of appen in the world


Corporate Headquarters
Level 6, 9 Help Street
Chatswood NSW 2067


Office 712, 7/F Metropolis Tower,
No.2 Haidian Dongsan Street

Zhongguancun Xi Zone, Haidian District
Beijing, China

United States

Toll free: + 1-866-673-6996
From outside the US: + 1-646-224-1146

San Francisco

999 5th Ave. Suite 570
San Rafael, California, 94901


3/F Metro Lifestyle Complex
F. Torres St & E. Jacinto Ext
Davao City, Philippines 8000

United Kingdom

Rockeagle House, Pynes Hill
Exeter, EX2 5AZ, Devon

My view of the website

In my view, this is the best site to earn online. If you have time and want extra income this is the best site to earn.

Basic needs to register

First, choose the best category you want to do the job then click “apply now” button. A form will appear to fill it completely your name, email address, password etc. Then attach your resume by clicking attach resume then click apply. After completing the form wait 7 working days you will get an email from then complete your job-related information and start the work and earn extra money online. thanks

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