About Us

Hello, friends, welcome to “digitalearnindia.com” Your destination is to learn to earn & grow money. This blog is to educate you and give the best tips and tricks to earn online.


My name is Azhar Husain you can say me a blogger. I write this blog because I found that there are most people invest there time to search to earn online but they could not get any money from it. lack of the right knowledge they invest their time and I think if I have a right knowledge I should share it so that the people who do not enough knowledge could get the right information to earn online.


If I talk about this blog, I write quality content on my blog and want to help you as per my capability. I want people to believe themselves and execute their own dies with the right time and the right place.

The other things which inspired me are “MONEY” as you know everyone on this earth needs money to get motivated & live their life smoothly. And I found blogging is the best way to generate money. I know it is not easy but I believe in myself.