Passive Income Apps! Earn Passive Income With Your Mobile!


Passive Income Apps! Earn Passive Income with Your Mobile!

Today I am presenting earn passive income with your mobile!! Yes, it is possible nothing to do and you will earn passive income online. Is it shocking there is no work and you will earn?

Yes, it is possible you can earn without doing any work. In this blog, I share my knowledge, plan, tips, and tricks so please like and subscribe to my website. So that you can update about earning plan I posted on the blog.


Hello, friends hope you will be the best today I am presenting an exciting application (passive-income-apps-earn-passive-income-with-your-mobile) that is really good and earning money app to us. And an interesting thing is that there is no work to do.

Yes, it is possible we can earn online passive income without doing any work. If you want to earn passive income read my post and like and share it let’s start.

Passive income

Passive income is earnings derived from a rental property, limited partnership or another enterprise in which a person is not actively involved. Means you should not involve and you will be paid. Think, If you have a shop and you have not the time to open it you can get paid for rent.

It is called passive income. Now you will think I don’t have any shop to tent how can I earn. Don’t worry you do not have any shop but you have your mobile, you think you can not earn passive income with your mobile. Read my post till the end and get paid.

Cash Magnet

Click the above link and you will reach the passive earning site. Friest thing to do is registration just enter your E-mail address and password and click Singh up. Than click singing to reach the dashboard.

Go to your profile and fill it correct information if there is any problem to fill your country there is no problem you can enter your country later. And one important thing is that there is no country restriction on this site you can do work from where you are.

Now after registration, you have to install the application of the site on your mobile. To install the application look the left-hand site on your desktop and click download to install the application and if you are using smartphone click profile section on top.

A drop-down menu will appear to select the download button and you will redirect to google play store and click install button to install the earning application.

Now the application will ask to sign up fill the information and enter sigh in, You will reach your application dashboard it will take time to load first time in your mobile because it will take the configuration and browser in your mobile. once it completes an “attention” paragraph will appear that is the term and condition click agee than ok.

passive income apps! earn passive income with your mobile!

Passive Income Apps! Earn Passive Income With Your Mobile!

Earning Prosses

You can see an image is showing. Here you can earn points and you will get 10 bonus points if you click my link. Now you will see start now button if you click this button your earning will start automatically and the application will start surfing the website and it will open your browser to surfing the advertising site. it will continuously run till 2 hours and 32 minutes in every 12 hours.

You can run this application in the night while slipping after completing the time the app automatic stope and your earning will add to your balance. when you start the application you can not work with your phone but you can receive your phone call nothing else so you should use this application when you go to sleep.

Levels income

you can earn here by label income. When you reach level 2 you will earn 50 points and level 3 300 points and so on look levels. that is passive income apps! earn passive income with your mobile!

Other income plans

If you want to earn more you can earn yes, it is possible with this application just invite your friends and reach levels. Besides levels, you can earn more by playing games just click the games button and play games and earn money.

Redeem money

This application gives you amazon gift card to purchase anything you want with your income and you can redeem your income to your PayPal also. For more detail click the redeem button.

Now start and enjoy your passive income apps! earn passive income with your mobile! and don’t forget to comment me how this post you like.


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Ways to Make Money Fast, Quick Way to Earn Fast!

Earn with Online Micro Jobs, Testing Jobs, Best micro jobs sites

Self Employed Jobs! Non-Investment Guaranteed Earning Plan

Earn Money Without Doing Work! Make Quick Money $1000

Earn with Online Micro Jobs, Testing Jobs, Best micro jobs sites

Earn money online micro jobs is very easy and simple. You can do micro jobs from home or testing jobs and earn easy money. In this post, I will give the best micro jobs site. This post is to earn online micro jobs, testing jobs, best micro jobs site

Earn with Online Micro Jobs, Micro Jobs from home, Best micro jobs sites

Earn with Online Micro Jobs, Micro Jobs from home, Best micro jobs sites

Earn online is very easy with my tips and tricks. In this site, I give my best experience to my audience to make online money. Today I give the best website to earn money online. There are two websites to earn with micro jobs.

There is on education and technical knowledge is required to do this work. If you know the basic knowledge about the internet and you run a facebook account you can do this work. And there is no computer required a computer you can do this work with your smartphone.

Click here to register for the first site.

here to register for the second site

Click the link and you will go to the website. In the upper right-hand corner, you will see a button “get paid to test” click it and complete the registration process.
A confirmation link will be sent to your email address. Go to your email and confirm it.

After confirmation, you have to complete your profile and then sign out. the site. The work will send to your registered e-mail id.

What to do

There are several works you can do and earn money online. As you know new sites and new Android application launched every day. The owner of the sites and applications wants to know the performance of it so they hire such kind of platform to get information about their sits and applications.

Because of all sites and applications is for human and the information about it will give by the human. So they hire and wants to know about the performance of there sites and applications. And such kinds of platform five us an aporchunity to review the sites and applications. We have to review it and give our opinions about it and earn money.


As I have mentioned above that you will receive an email to do the work. And you will receive 2.5 euros per task. That means you can earn Rs. 200 per task. But you have to do fast as you receive an email because there is first come first work policy.

Partners of the site

The sites are loyal and give money properly and the partners of the sites are:

First sites partners.

  4. LO’REAL
  10. MANGOO

Second sites partners

  5. BOX

Please click the link to start earning


Usability Hub

This post is to earn online micro jobs, testing jobs, best micro jobs site

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Self Employed Jobs! Non-Investment Guaranteed Earning Plan

Earn Money Without Doing Work! Make Quick Money $1000

How to Earn Online with Futurenet, Earning plan online Rs 25000


Top 5 ways to make money online Online Jobs From Home,

Online Jobs From Home, Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online

I discover the top 5 ways to make money online with blogging, affiliate, CPA marketing, affiliate marketing and youtube. Top 5 ways to make money online is too easy to child game with right tips and tricks. I will share my tips and tricks to you to earn online.

Top 5 ways to make money online


As we know that the Internet is more than the source of news and entertainment. It is also used for business and making money. Billions of dollars are being exchanged via a multitude of legitimate activities. Most people are starting their own businesses on the internet and making money online. Now it is your turn to make money online. online jobs from home, Top 5 ways to make money online.

Are you ready to turn your passions into profits and start your own online business? But stop there without the best information you can not go with the right way. I have some tricks and plans to make money online. Most people worst their time on the internet or social media but they could not earn any money.

If you have some time to invest on the internet and have some passion you can get the best amount from the internet. Let’s take a look at top 5 ways to make money online that won’t require a lot of time or cut into your regular routine.

Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online

  1. Blogging
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Freelancer job
  4. C.P.A. Marketing
  5. Youtube


In my view Blogging is the best way of my “top 5 ways to make money online”. The Blogging is sharing information with your audience. There is no one in the world who does not have skills. Identify your skill and start blogging on the topic. you need only a Gmail ID and a blogger ID and you can start to write a post and start earning.

Top 5 ways to make money online

If you have a Gmail ID then you have an opportunity to write a blog and earn money. Just share your knowledge with your audience and earn revenue. First, you have to choose your topic to write then choose the domain name similar to your topic. Then choose a theme as you want your website look. Then go to post section and click write a post collum. Now a new window will appear to write your post. Write your information that you want with the right S.E.O. Now you are able to earn money online yes it is so easy to start it today. If you have any problem to make your blog write a comment I will help you.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is also the best way to earn money online and it is a huge industry on the internet and it gives you an opportunity to earn as much as you want.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing wherein you refer someone to purchase any online product and when that person buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission.

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing program, where an external partner is rewarded with a commission for delivering a specific result to a merchant or advertiser. The result is often a valid sale, however, it can also be a completed lead form, a new free trial user, or even a new newsletter subscriber.

There is a lot of affiliate program in the market. If you are active in social media like facebook, youtube, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter, or like that. You can earn enough money online by selling the product to your audience through the affiliate program.

Affiliate program

Amazon associate



There are a lot of affiliate program in the market

Freelancer job

A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company or a temporary agency that resells freelance labor to clients; others work independently or use professional associations or websites to get work.

There are several types of freelancer website in the market to give an opportunity to us to make money online. If you have any type of skill you can use it to make money by giving service on the website. Just go to the sites and get register and make the best profile and get work there.

C.P.A. Marketing

C.P.A. Marketing is another way to make money online. It is similar to affiliate marketing but it is different from it. In the affiliate marketing you have to sell products to make money but on this platform, you have to generate a lead only. Means you have to lead your audience to that website you are marketing for it. And it is easy than affiliate programs.

To know more about CPA marketing please read my posts.

CPA Marketing how to start.

What Is CPA Marketing? Basics Of CPA Marketing Earn $1000 from CPA Marketing.

Choose Best CPA Network And Best CPA Offers

How to start CPA marketing, CPA networks that pay daily, CPALead Registration Process Full Tutorial

Register in pay sale CPA Network. How to Choose Best CPA Network


Youtube is also the best way to earn money online. You need only a Gmail account then open youtube and make a channel. Post your videos there and judge your audience what they want. A simple way to make videos to identify trading videos and make the trending videos and upload the video on the youtube. If you have some special skill make the video on it and upload then monetize the video to earn money.

How to Earn Money Online With Social Add World, Earn Up To Rs.1,00,000

How to Earn Money Online


How to Earn Money Online With Social Add World, Earn Up To Rs.1,00,000 Per Month

How to Earn Money Online With Social Add World,

Friends, this post is very special because today I have a very good and easy plan to share with you. How to Earn Money Online With Social Add World, Earn Up To Rs.1,00,000 Per Month. How to earn money online with social add word. This plan is very different from other websites. Without wasting time let’s start.

Social Add World is an online marketing program that claims to help people earn money online with little to no work involved.

As to who founded this program, I couldn’t find any info on the person, but I’m sure this program is being run out of India since it’s in the language and most of the traffic coming to this site is from India.

Where you will see this program come up the most is on FaceBook pages, at least that’s where I saw it most and I will explain why you see it come up on FaceBook so much.

There’s more to this program that you must know and join the program.

Here the joining link clicks for Indians.

Here the link for other countries


To become the largest and trusted digital platform that enables Individuals and evolving businesses to create opportunities through Social Media thus enhancing their economic sustainability in India.


  • Allowing the Advertisers to promote their businesses.
  • Allowing the Advertisers to promote others businesses.
  • Technology platform to be the most robust, secure and scalable growth.
  • A digital platform for Social Collaboration of thoughts, likes, and sharing.
  • Ensure an ONE STOP medium keeping the identity of the Individual or Business confidential.

How to earn with the site.

Social Add World give us to earn extra money by clicking 20 adds. We have to come daily to the site and watch  20 adds. The company gives us 0.15 cents to watch adds. and the company also give us a referral plan to earn unlimited money. If we refer 10 people and they come daily to the site and watch 20 adds. The company gives 0.4 cents to you that means you earn 0.40 sents daily from referral. And as your team builds you can earn $5000 daily. see the plan.

How to Earn Money Online

How to Earn Money Online With Social Add World,

The company is trustworthy and registered with full documents if you want to see click the link. There is no investment to join. Just click the joining link you will reach the joining gateway. Then fill all the information and a right mobile number because mob no. will verify by the company. Then you are a member of the site but you are nor eligible to earn. First, you have to complete 6 tasks.

As you click START the first task appears to you and ask to follow the Facebook page. Task 2 subscribe to youtube, Chanel, Task 3 install flipchart app (if you have flipchart app uninstall the app then install from the link to complete the task, Task 4 install B2R APP, Task 5 watch given adds, Task 6 register deel2winn. As you complete the task you are ready to earn money and referred to your friends just click 20 adds and earn money daily.

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