How to Register in paysale CPA Network. How to Choose Best CPA Network.

How to Register in CPA Network. How to Choose the Best CPA Network.

how to choose best CPA network

Today I am writing a post “how to choose best cpa network”. If you are new on my website I will sagest you that read my previous post about CPA network.

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CPALead Registration Process Full Tutorial

how to choose best cpa network

how to choose best cap network

There is a gigantic difference between earning a great deal of money and being rich.” —Marlene Dietrich

As I have told that registration in CPA network in different from another website registration process. When you reach paysale .com you can see a form and a register button. Click the register button. Now you reach a registration form. On the top of the page, you can see two options.

1: Singh up as a publisher.

2: Singh up an advertiser

Because we want to earn money from the network so we have to choose no. 1 Singh up as a publisher. Now the page appears like the image.

how to choose best cpa network

How to Choose Best CPA Network.


In the first collum automatically written publisher. In the second collum, you have to write your username. In the third password than confirm the password. Select the language English is the best language but as you like. Then complete the captcha and click the register button.

Then you can see a message that you have successfully registered. Now you can log in. Friend if you do not have a desktop then you can do the same process on your smartphone.

As you log in you will reach your dashboard. Now one important thing in your dashboard you can see an affiliate ID and a name. You should write down the name and that ID. Because if you have any problem then you can contact your manager.

Nest work is to click your username then profile. Now you can see another form of your profile. You have to do some changes on the page like your mobile number with country code and a skype id. Then click the save button.

Go the payment information on the same page and choose your payment option. In my opinion, PayPal is the best option. give the PayPal id and at last click the save.

Now you are eligible to work with the site. To start work go to “offers” in the menu bar. A new window will appear and all the offers will also appear to you. You can choose the offers to promote and earn money.

This network is for adult and the best CPA network on my list.

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want to earn money through an easy trick.


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