Small Business Ideas! How to Start Small Business

Introducing new thins how to start small business ideas. Business is too tuff if you don’t have the right information. I will give the right information here

small business ideas


There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

To build your own business is the best idea because If you want to prove yourself you have to do something. In my view, the small business ideas are the best way to start your business.

If you want to make your future and get everything from the luxury life you have to start your business. And the small business ideas are best because of low risk and a good opportunity is there. Business is the best way to prove yourself in the state of jobs. There is a limited income of jobs and there is a huge opportunity in business.

Today I am introducing the best small business idea. In this idea, there is a low risk, high profit, and low investment and the best thing is that the Indian government will help us if we start this business.


The business is to make “notebooks“. As we know that daily needs are the best industry. And notebooks is also a daily need product. The notebook is necessary for our daily life, education, and industry also. So there is a huge market for the notebook and the best opportunity to build your small business. So let’s start how to start this business.

Now we have decided on the niche to start a business. First, we need the space to start the business. This business can be started from your home and need only 12X15 feet hole only.

Now the second thing is the raw materials. To make a notebook we need different coded and none-coded papers mean bista paper and gutta paper is needed.

These raw materials can be purchased from your nearby market easily and if you want to purchase these raw materials in huge you can visit the website Alibaba.

Note before purchase read and understand the market price and do bargain. (Don’t worry you can purchase in bulk because the government will help you and in the last, I will tell you how to get this help)


You have to purchase some machines to run this business.

1:- Notebook stitching machine

2:- Edge squaring machine

3:- Notebook cutting machine

All these machines get 4 kilovolts electricity only. This means you can run this machines with very low expenses. You have to invest less than 5 lacs to purchase these machine. Make your mind to start your business because this is low cost and easy small business ideas.

Now you will think how can you invest less than 5 lacs in this business. (Don’t worry you can purchase these machine because the government will help you and in the last, I will tell you how to get this help)

You can purchase these machine from your nearby market and “online also“. Note before purchase read and understand the market price and do bargain.


To make a notebook is very easy you have to understand the work properly and the machine work process. First, the sheet that will be cover the notebook, have to cut as it covers the notebook both sites.

Then count the paper as you want to make the notebook, now fold it with middle as it makes a notebook like than cover it with the sheet. Now the second work is to pin the notebook with pinning machine. and the last work to do is that to cut the notebook with the three open sites to make a good shape. Now your product is ready for sale. Within 20 minutes you will make more than 8 notebooks.


Now your product is ready to sell but without packing your product is not ready to sell. You have to pack it with 6 pieces in a bundle with transparent poly. And you can pack it according to your order. you can sell it in retail and wholesale also.

Now the main problems have to face to sell the product. With my suggestion, you have to sell your product in the local retail market at a low price so that your business can run and then you have to start wholesale. You can make your website later and extend your business.


With this business, the government gives you 90% loan with up to 35% subsidy.

Friends the Indian government-run an employment skeem name PMEGP ( PRADHAN MANTRY EMPLOYMENT  GENERATION PROGRAM) with this program government gives 25 lacs to start your business with up to 35% subsidy. You can get the profit of this government program.

To get this amount you have to register your company with GST, a pan card and your identity. Then you have to hire a lawyer and go to the bank with your project. thank

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