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Indian Money Earning Apps, Oline Earning


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Introducing new Indian-money-earning-apps. Every one wants to earn money online. Because lack of proper knowledge they west their time. And making money without any trick is too tough. Now it is easy to make money with the Indian-money-earning-apps-online-earning app. Because I offer you the best trick to make money online, please read the post carefully.


OneAD App gives us an opportunity to earn money online. It is very simple and easy to use. Anyone can use this app and make money on ones free time. Because we use smartphone and west our time with social media. It is better to earn online with this application than using such sites.

Just go to play store and search oneAD. At first, you will find the best-earning app. Now the first thing to do is install the app then open it and fill registration form carefully. In the process of registration, it will ask a referral code so please fill my code that is written below.

My referral code is: 92AT1ZVL5

Now complete the information like name mobile no etc. And don’t forget to use my referral code that is “92AT1ZVL5”. The app will ask to confirm your mobile number by sending O.T.P. Enter the number (O.T.P.) and click the checkbox of term and conditions then click the registration button. Now you are eligible to earn by this application.

Now you are eligible to earn money. Here you can earn money in two ways.

1: Self-Earning

2: Referral income

Self-Earning plan

If you want to earn self-earning click left top corner “spin & earn”. As you click the button a new window will open and a wheel will appear.

Please click on the middle on this wheel to run the application. Once you click the wheel the wheel will run to round and as it will stop. The cursor of the wheel appears the amount that you win. Click on the wheel and collect the amount.

You can click 5 times every 6 minutes and you can spin the wheel unlimited time in a day and make money online. You can earn money as much as you click the wheel. Start the application and enjoy the money.

Referral income plan

The second plan to earn is the referral income plan. The referral means you generate a lead of this application. In the simple language, you can say that send your referral code to your friends with the help social media. As your friends got to register with your referral you will earn your income.

To send your referral code to your friends go to the dashboard, you can see your referral link, copy this link and share to your friends on social media and earn money more than self-learning.

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Earn Money Online in India, Make Money Online for Beginners

How to Earn Money Online With Social Add World, Earn Up To Rs.1,00,000

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How to Earn Money Online With Social Add World, Earn Up To Rs.1,00,000

How to Earn Money Online


How to Earn Money Online With Social Add World, Earn Up To Rs.1,00,000 Per Month

How to Earn Money Online With Social Add World,

Friends, this post is very special because today I have a very good and easy plan to share with you. How to Earn Money Online With Social Add World, Earn Up To Rs.1,00,000 Per Month. How to earn money online with social add word. This plan is very different from other websites. Without wasting time let’s start.

Social Add World is an online marketing program that claims to help people earn money online with little to no work involved.

As to who founded this program, I couldn’t find any info on the person, but I’m sure this program is being run out of India since it’s in the language and most of the traffic coming to this site is from India.

Where you will see this program come up the most is on FaceBook pages, at least that’s where I saw it most and I will explain why you see it come up on FaceBook so much.

There’s more to this program that you must know and join the program.

Here the joining link clicks for Indians.

Here the link for other countries


To become the largest and trusted digital platform that enables Individuals and evolving businesses to create opportunities through Social Media thus enhancing their economic sustainability in India.


  • Allowing the Advertisers to promote their businesses.
  • Allowing the Advertisers to promote others businesses.
  • Technology platform to be the most robust, secure and scalable growth.
  • A digital platform for Social Collaboration of thoughts, likes, and sharing.
  • Ensure an ONE STOP medium keeping the identity of the Individual or Business confidential.

How to earn with the site.

Social Add World give us to earn extra money by clicking 20 adds. We have to come daily to the site and watch  20 adds. The company gives us 0.15 cents to watch adds. and the company also give us a referral plan to earn unlimited money. If we refer 10 people and they come daily to the site and watch 20 adds. The company gives 0.4 cents to you that means you earn 0.40 sents daily from referral. And as your team builds you can earn $5000 daily. see the plan.

How to Earn Money Online

How to Earn Money Online With Social Add World,

The company is trustworthy and registered with full documents if you want to see click the link. There is no investment to join. Just click the joining link you will reach the joining gateway. Then fill all the information and a right mobile number because mob no. will verify by the company. Then you are a member of the site but you are nor eligible to earn. First, you have to complete 6 tasks.

As you click START the first task appears to you and ask to follow the Facebook page. Task 2 subscribe to youtube, Chanel, Task 3 install flipchart app (if you have flipchart app uninstall the app then install from the link to complete the task, Task 4 install B2R APP, Task 5 watch given adds, Task 6 register deel2winn. As you complete the task you are ready to earn money and referred to your friends just click 20 adds and earn money daily.

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