Earn Money at Home India! Earn by shorter links.

Earn Money at Home India! Earn by shorter links.

How to Earn money at home India is a conman question. Earning online in India is so easy but you have to know the best trick and plan, this is the best platform to get the best trick and plan to earn money online.

My words at the topic

Earn money at home India. Hello, friends, welcome at digitalearnindia.com. Today’s topic is very important because I am going to share my best trick of WhatsApp earning plan. This is the best trick I have shared ever and this trick is so easy. You can earn money at home in India.

Let’s start

This is a WhatsApp trick to earn online I have ever use the trick to earn money online. This is the trick people to make money online. I am sharing my trick to you and I make sure to you no one can share such trick to you like that I am sharing. With this trick, you can earn more than $1000 so read the post till the end.


you have heard about shorten link websites. There are several link shorter websites on the internet but they have some problems while paying. and I Know you can say that I have registered and work on such sites but they not pay.

Don’t worry I have a solution so I am saying read my post till the end and I make you sure you will earn money online. This is the best site to earn money and I will share my trick to earn money online. Go down read the post and do as I am saying. If you want to Earn money at home India

This is my second best site if I get the good result from my post I will update the post to my first earning site. So go to the comment section and give me a comment ( first earning site)

Click the link to get started.


Click the above link to register the earning site. As you click the lick you will reach the site.

earn money at home india

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As you click the above link You will reach the zagl site. Here you will see a sign-up button. Click the button and complete the form to register. After registration login and you will reach your dashboard. Go to your profile section and complete the profile. Name, Address, City, Pin, and your PayPal account then click save.

Now your account is OK. and now you are eligible to earn,

How to earn from the site

If you know about the link shorter sites you have to shorten your link and share to your audience in social media and earn money. The same work to do here. Come to the site and short the link you want and share it with your friends.

As your friends come to open the link they have to watch ads before the sites you have shared. And the company will earn money from the ads because the audience comes to watch the add by you the company share revenue with you and you will earn money by sharing the shorten links with your friends.

How to share the links

There are several methods to share shorten links with your friends and audience.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Tumbler
  4. Linkedin
  5. WhatsApp
  6. YouTube
  7. Bloge in bloger

These media work to earn money by sharing shorten links.

Earning Plan

Payout Rates

Their payout rates are constantly changing depending on the leads that you generate to their advertisers. Here is a list of country’s that are up to $100 / 10000 visitors :

Top $160 / 10000 for the United Arab Emirates

Tier 1 ($100 / 10000):

While it pays ($100/ 10000) in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America

Tier 2 ($80 / 10000):

Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Kuwait, Indonesia, Hong Kong

The Best Trick to Earn Money at Home India

The best trick that I have promised to share with you is that make your friends group in WhatsApp and check what your friends want to watch. Most friends want to watch funny youtube videos. Search such types of videos and copy the link then go to the site and short it then share it with your friends.

If you want to earn more join more groups and send them the link and earn more money. For that go to play store in your mobile and install an app name whats app group. Here you can find a lot of WhatsApp groups join the groups and make money as much as you work. I can make sure you that you can make more than $100 a day.

My second trick to earn money

My second trick to earn online at home India is to install an unice WhatsApp on your mobile. This Whatsapp will not found in play store. You have to install with my link.


After installation, you have to register like normal WhatsApp. this is GB WhatsApp a new warden of WhatsApp.

Now my the best trick start to earn money in this application. Before click install button you have to go to setting in your mobile and allow unknown sources then click install. After registration, you have to search for the groups to join. For joining to this kind of groups you have to go to google and search WhatsApp groups as you click the group they will join to WhatsApp. After joining more than 10 groups you have to open GB WhatsApp.

You will find three dots on the screen upper site. Click on it and then click GB setting. Scroll down and find auto-reply messages. Click this button and click a (+) button. This will ask you to write auto-reply message so write shorten link and press ok.

Now when anybody sends you a message this app will automatically send a message to the person and your link will Wirral and you will earn money. This was my best trick to earn online with this website. thanks.

This is my second link shorten website if you like my post like it and comment so I will share my first website with you.

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