Online Business Ideas , Make Money Online Without Investment

Make Money Online Without Investment, Online Business Ideas

Make Money Online Without Investment


Hi, friends want to earn money online. I give the right and best trick to earn money, online business ideas, make money online without investment like that. Today I have another the best trick to share with you to earn online without investment.

The best and the everlasting business idea is to make an online store. Because e-commerce industry is growing fast, people like to purchase products online and don’t want to go to the market. Here is the broad market and if you have passion and dedication you can earn online money by selling the products online.

In this field, I have the new suggestion to make an online store that is wooplr. You can work on this on your mobile. Just open play store on your mobile and download “woopler“.

After download the application wooplr you have to register. You can register with Gmail or Facebook as you like. After registration, you have to give a mobile number. Now you are a member of wooplr. The first thing to go after registration is to select a name of the store you want to make. So select the best name you like.

Congrats! your store is ready!

Make Money Online Without Investment

Click view my store to add products in your store, a new dashboard will appear. Woopler gives you Rs 50 to register and Rs 10 additional gift to you to share your first product to your friends.

You will find there your store is empty and there is no product in your store. In the bottom left corner, you will see add product link click it to add products. A new dashboard will appear in a large number of products will appear and two links “add to my store” and “share” will appear there. Now you have to choose your product and add to your store as much as you can.

Wooplr has more than 50000 products in his store. So choose more products in your store.

Your store

You have selected more products now let’s see your store go to the bottom right corner and click “my store”. Your store dashboard will appear there. In the first, upper site you will see your profile photo then store name and then view store with your store name. Click it to view your store. Your store is ready for sale congratulation.

Now your store is ready to earn but it will not earn automatically, you have to do some work to get the audience to your store. And social media is the best way to advertise so share your store with social media. You can share hole store with your friends but in my view, the best thing is to share one by one product to share.

Earning plan

Your first earning is Rs 10 on the first share

Then you will reach the beginner label and your income is 15% of your sale. As you earn Rs 1000 from wooplr you will reach label 2 “popular label” and you will get 18% commission, as you earn there Rs5000 your label increase to “expert” and you get 20% commission there. If you get Rs 10000 in the expert label you will increase your label 4 to “hotstar” and get 23% commission. As you get Rs 20000 there your label increases at 5 labels “elite” and there you will get 25% commission. And you can earn more than 50000 Rs per month.

Add payment method

To add payment method click earning in the bottom then add a payment method. You will reach the payment method form. There is two way to withdraw your earning first is to transfer your income to your bank account and second is to transfer your money to your paytm. Select as you like and give the full information there.

Now your earning is the start. If you like my post then hare and have any problem please give me a comment thanks.

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