Self Employed Jobs! Non Investment Guaranteed Earning Plan

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Self Employed Jobs! Non-Investment Guaranteed Earning Plan

self employed jobs

This is a non-invensrment earning plan and there is no need to spend any money besides time. You can earn money with your mobile means this earning plan is for mobile users. You can use your computer also but this plan runs smoothly and easily with your mobile. So let’s start the plan


As you know about social media like Facebook ETC. Most people invest there time in such kind of media but they can not get any money from there. But I have a plan that gives you money by posting, sharing and like the post. Self Employed Jobs are here.

So you can understand that this plan can give you money by using the site like Facebook. You have to engage there like Facebook and you will earn money. Not only you earn, but your friends who are invited by you will also earn money and the company will give you a commission of there income lifetime.

That means if you invited 1000 friends you will earn referral income once and monthly commissions for everlasting if your friends use the service.



You can earn money through this plan if you post any image on this site and get 1 likes you will earn 0.01 paisa that means if you get 100 likes you will earn Rs. 1 to make more money invite more friends and earn more.

This is the first income (Self Employed jobs) you can earn more money by making the team. There are 9 levels of income plan. To make more income invite friends to the site and get more money if you invite 100 friends you will reach level 1 and your friends invite 500 friends you will reach level 2 and so on. From every level, you will get income.



Click the “join now” button and you will reach a new window. This is an Indian social media site that gives you an opportunity to earn. Scroll down and find a blue-collar button “create an account now” click on it.

You will reach a new window that is a registration form fill it carefully. This will verify your email id and mobile number. After that clear your password and enter you will reach your dashboard. Now the first thing to do create your profile image.

Now you will see three lines on the right-hand upper site. Click on it, a drop-down window will appear to click on dashboard. Now it will ask you to create a password to create a password. This password is for to withdraw your amount.

When you withdraw your money you have to enter this password. Press enter and now it will ask your password, so enter the password you make to log in.

Now your dashboard is ready. Scroll down it and click privacy and click “update bank detail” fill the form and save. This site gives your income to your account. Your profile is complete.

How to do work (Self Employed jobs)

Go to your dashboard click on three lines right-hand upper site and then click my profile. You will find your facebook like profile. scroll down and you will see you can write a post, upload photo, and videos. If you get the comments, likes and share you will be paid. To earn more you have to make more friends. For more income, you have to make team.

How to make the team

To make team you have to invite friends. So click three lines and click “invite”. You will find a referral link copy this link and share it with your friends and earn up to 9 level income. thanks

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